Our Services

Our risk-free programmatic performance solutions help the world’s biggest brands and developers achieve their performance advertising goals.

Using a combination of proprietary programmatic advertising technology, machine learning, and first party data, we optimize campaigns across all major mobile formats for desired post-install behaviors at no risk to our clients’ bottom line.

Performance Marketing

In an increasingly mobile world, the conventional piecemeal approach to digital marketing has shifted to a more competitive cross-channel approach. Our Performance Marketing Services combine our capabilities across digital touch points to optimize your entire digital strategy and win the online mindshare game.

With our efficient strategy you will have a wide spread chain of affiliates, which will increase your brand presence on the digital platform in a way that you get maximum attention from customers and a loyal customer base with increased inflow of revenue.

Mobile Marketing

With consumers becoming more and more tech savvy and demanding and spending more time on surfing the net, creating ads only for web based platforms is not enough for a growing business. To capture a broader market, you have to create ads for various mobile devices to drive traffic to your site. Mobile advertisement is the latest trend in the online advertising space and is a powerful and compelling means to connect with your visitors on a personal level.

Blend AI is a leading online marketing company that offers mobile advertising services which allows brands and agencies to present outstanding ads of their company by using powerful technology and proven techniques. Our experts target users according to your business vertical and identify related mobile profiles and display your ads when consumers download various services like applications, games, music, ring tones and etc.

As a reliable mobile advertising company, we help you to bring the power of the platform to your business brand. Associating with us will help you to enjoy our extensive range of services and help you to go further than just attracting the audience.


Media buying is the result of calculated research, strategic planning and the multi-million dollar buying power to negotiate rates that are both efficient and effective for your campaign. Our experience allows us to identify the proper targets and trends for your message. Market savvy allows us to exploit those same findings.

We could use lots of cliche phrases like “we’ll take your business to the next level” or “we’ll drive your bottom line” but that’s not who we are. What we do promise is a plain-language approach to the ever-changing world of media. We help business owners and their staff members improve communication between their brand and their best consumer. We’re passionate about working with both small to mid-sized businesses.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can take your business to another level as Email is the currency of web nowadays. Anyone who is online has an active email address.. So why not use Email Marketing for your business to broaden the reach. Sarv Offers Business Email Marketing Service to send the right mail to the right person. Experience how easy it is to create and send a beautiful & personalized mailer with marketing tools like Automation, user-friendly drag and drop editor, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, advanced metrics, reporting, and more for today’s fast-growing business.

Branding Activities

Make no mistake about it: a recognizable and loved brand is one of the
most valuable assets a company owns.With a dedicated team and years of experience has led Blend AI to partner with the brands and agencies to achieve superior results through direct response and branding campaigns.Join the fastest growing and best affiliate network to increase your revenue and to get the best out of your traffic. We are working on all the models of affiliate marketing i.e CPI,CPR,CPS,CPL,CPA .

Adwords & SocialMedia

As social media platforms become more crowded, it’s harder for your business to stand out. Social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Google Adwords can help you increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and support your sales.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising:

Facebook and Instagram platform advertising offer very precise targeted marketing based on demographic interests and user behavior. With the Facebook pixel technology, you can also target people who have visited your website, create custom audiences and track conversions.

Twitter Advertising :

Twitter is one of the most underused ad platforms but it has the power to bring your business more visibility, website traffic, and branding opportunities – often with less expensive ads than offered on the Facebook platform.

Google Adwords :

Tried and true, Google Adwords allows businesses of any size to be found through search on the world’s largest search engine. More of a long-term social platform, Google Adwords can give your business exposure to people actively searching for your products and services and deliver them to your website.

Whatever social platform your businesses is on, we can manage the advertising process from concept, to strategic targeting, to creative and then evaluate ad performance.