Is AI Reshaping Marketing?

“What’s all the hype about AI taking the world by storm? Is it a true innovation?” “Is it making a difference in every industry sector?” Some of these questions have definitely popped up in your head after seeing Artificial Intelligence in every news feed and almost every conversation about the future.

Experts like Gartner argue that technology of AI will be in almost every latest software product by 2020.

Another expert Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO, says that “Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software”

Companies are more likely to invest in AI-powered marketing tools because of the high degree of precision.

AI accelerates the direct exchange that happens between the customer and the brand. AI and its revolutionary transformation has been adopted by several businesses and marketing. Sooner or later, marketing will have a huge elevation by AI.

The demands and desires of customers now have a smarter response with the push being on faster. The automated marketing initiatives adopted by marketers are now managed by the AI technology.



The advantages of AI are profound.

AI offers to upgrade the performances of marketing campaigns throughout all channels.

AI leads to diminish of error rates while implementing the marketing campaigns.

It’s not far, when the influence of AI will be so deep rooted in the future that “intelligent marketing” would be a default and traditional marketing would seem cumbersome.

Some of the sectors where AI will have a great impact:


  • Personalization


Personalizing marketing messages comprises of the data about the prospective customer, the data helps in getting to know the persona of the prospective customer. The huge input is used to analyze the timing of presenting the message, the channel the message should be presented on and so.

Marketing personalization will be automated by AI using these components for a better decision making and faster actions.

Maximum conversions in a business are achieved by iterating and relentless testing. Many enterprises today have upgraded their marketing automation tool to outreach, customer’s persona, funnel stage, tasks, action accounts and other triggers. When AI is blended with marketing automation tools, tools optimize these triggers in real time.


Marketers will need to look for factors that determine the target audiences, like sales funnel, touch points during a purchase path etc. Artificial intelligence will then generate generic personalization that are appropriate for various customer segments, and allow a complete automate outreach.


  • Brand Management

For a brand to have an authentic and consistent voice across channels, brand strategies and marketers spend too much effort and time building a tone-of-voice document. This has to be then taught to the Bots. Merging the characteristics of your brand into the Bots can enhance the customer interactions and elevate a huge opportunity. Business that have adopted the technology at an early stage are certainly leveraging from this.

Video games designers have adopted this technique for ages.  You can start with few sets of characters representing your brand and then inject rules according to their brand traits. What’s most important is being careful to not incite controversies while using Bots.


  • Customer Service

Whether it comes to ordering Pizzas online, booking an appointment with doctors, customers are satisfied by the automations are the organizations.

The most important questions that brands face with current and prospective customers are:

How can I offer my services fast?

How can my services or products can be of high quality?

How can I keep my customers happy to the maximum?

The brands logically use their few assets like employees, time, budget and technology. A study says customer interactions can influence customers towards the disloyalty rather than loyalty of the brand. Consumers are more eager to find the solutions by themselves rather than talking to a customer support.

Let’s consider on of the biggest industry for an example, Airlines, it offers customer service via Twitter.

Most of the quarries of customers are solved in the direct messenger, of course except when the service collapses. When that happens- it instantly switches back to public interaction.

Some brands have installed messenger bots just to access the customer’s flight data. This certainly makes a good customer experience.


  • Data analysis

The more the information, the more it enables a superior decision making. Less bulk of information avoids a good insight for decision making and becomes a challenge.

Brands are provided with abundant data points to realize by marketing platforms, monitoring tools and website analytics.

AI comes with a massive potential to mastery data analyses for the good. The precise analyses comes from taking control over the process of consuming, removing exceptions, parsing huge data, aiding quicker and cleaning up.

AI tools offers inputs and suggestions for optimizing the individual customer’s buying journey via the purchase path and the brand life-cycle. Ai does this by taking complete control over the journey planning and analyses.

Working at a scale, artificial intelligence has the capability to provide suggestions instantly. Ai-powered decision making can be maximum benefitted by big websites for example those in e-commerce.

The page-by-page enhancements let the brand know what changes will have maximum influence.

AI will also reveal to customers that they don’t know what they don’t know!

Maybe time to put the quote to a rest – Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.


The AI will certainly be bringing revolutionary transformation in the           market world, but the brands can phase a challenge while constructing AI     systems.


AI enhances the process while discovering a “pattern” for which the technology needs a feedback. Developing input loops occur from huge information stacks. Nevertheless, as artificial intelligence overpowers throughout the marketing landscapes, even the smaller businesses are likely to benefit from it.


AI has poised to continuously grow across all sectors and industries, marketers will want to dedicate their time and resources in experimenting with strategies and make sure their marketing organization is set up for continued success, both now and in the future.

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