How artificial intelligence & machine learning powering marketing managers!

The magic of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence when combined with marketing isn’t just significant but also revolutionary 

One thing that’s everywhere is Data- immense amount of it.

Businesses are making right and précised decisions with the help of big data.

The powerful technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning recognizes human behaviors to an extent where not only big data sets are examined, classified, segmented but also get their meaning from them. 

ML and AI have reached a milestone since its inception. There is a huge rise in the AI-powered marketing and is certainly taking the load off marketers and transforming it to machines. Machines are now able to understand humans. 

AI is constantly evolving. In return giving marketers a huge précised data and also an ability to develop an insightful campaign 

Marketers that use AI use the masses of this data to determine the capabilities or productiveness of email campaigns, finance department can examine the previous trends and have a solid prediction with a strong plan for future. 

Sales team and focus on their target and follow up with elaborated yet precise information on forthcoming customers. 


Extraordinary Companies Making Use of AI in Business Development

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer in the world of Digital Market

According to studies, expenses of digital advertising will increases to $335 billion globally and $117.53 billion in the USA alone by 2020

You would require no clear indication than this that the companies are willing to spend extensively when it comes to digital marketing. 

  • Example of companies using AI and ML marketing in their business. 
  • Google uses it for website ranking
  • Amazon uses it for AL and ML for its online store
  • Netflix uses it for analyzing and predicting a better curated content 
  • Pinterest uses it for recommendation algorithm and detection of content for a higher user experience

Vital benefits of AI & Machine Learning in Marketing

End of Human Customer service, Emotions involved with customers, Self-Repair, Smarter than Humans, Robotics Assistance

The landscape of modern marketing is changing and the most noticeable element is Artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

One thing that has always been impacting on the business bottom line is better understating of consumers and offering an intelligent solution. 

AI and ML play the role of a catalyst for businessmen to understand the market and provide precise requirements of the customers. 

A lot of tools powering machine learning languages are already giving great results in the marketing domain. New tools, apps and cloud bases platforms and merging every day in the marketplace. 

Few important benefits provided by AI and ML based marketing are listed below:

  • Quick and precise sales projections and forecasts
  • Fast solution to marketing problems
  • Increase in marketing qualified leads
  • Improved sales qualified leads
  • Modified and précised marketing campaigns
  • Reduction of marketing cost overall
  • Elevated and relevant target audience
  • Optimizing big data for customer satisfaction

A Powerful Change in the Marketing World

ML & AI are likely to take us to an unrecognizable era!

A study said that, more than 97% industry experts believe in the power of digital marketing. 

The domain of digital marketing is going to be transformed by the techniques of machine learning and AI based marketing automation. 

The combined effect of three powers – smart people, artificial intelligence and smart automation based on machine earning is the future of digital marketing. 

The major drivers of ML and AI-based marketing include the following:

  • Greater user experience for Chatbots 
  • Elevate the volume of dark social sharing
  • Strong emergence of machine learning and AI learning tools
  • Better creation of content based on predictive intelligence
  • Usage of Mico-moments at the right time
  • Personalization marketing at scale

The impact of marketing and sales on modern business through Artificial intelligence and machine learning in action is astonishingly high. 

A recent study report says, more than 75% companies magnify sales by executing these methods in their marketing strategies

Marketing empowered by ML and AI seems inevitable while innovatively growing a business

How artificial intelligence & machine learning powering marketing managers!

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