Digital Marketing Trends that are to make a signification impact in 2020

2020 is here and we are all geared up to make it a best year! With big wishes for an amazingly successful year, we present a 5-minutes-read article on digital marketing trends of 2020 that is going to be helpful in manifesting the goals of business. It may be true that you already have planned to sail with wind of trends and have got your energies focused of products and services making the use of changes that would drive the market or business. If you haven’t yet, here a list of changes or development of market dynamics you must include in strategies to thrive.

Presence of AI powered Digital Marketing will be widely seen

As we have an increasing uptake of AI techniques being applied in product and services, 2020 will see a great rise of its application. In fact it will be dominating certain functions. Chatbots have already proved to be a profitable proposition for businesses. The artificial intelligence applied to decipher the consumer behaviors (on search, social media and other online activities) is going to even more trustworthy or reliable and aiding the marketers to be precise in audience targeting.

Getting personal with your consumer is appreciated and a winning tool in 2020

The users would love to see ads/offers of what they needed or wanted. The response rate is manifold on personalized mails or ads. Amazon has already mastered it. We know that the user get highly personalized page when open Amazon website. What you see is very very personal to you. Also, according to study 9 out of 10 acknowledge that personalization has positive impact on them and they are more likely buy or consume from the brands that have touched their personal cords.

The aid from AI and other data science tools will help to have a robust solution to the increasing number of the companies that are opting to be personal with their consumers. Processing of vital data of user behaviors, internet profiling based on past actions etc. and presenting a suitable ad through programmatic tools will be on a rise.

On the other side, most of the people are either irritated or unhappy of seeing unrelated ads. Someone in their twenties would not be really happy to see ads of knee pain remedies or bulk discounts on insulin strips. Study reveals the same i.e. 2 out 3 people are annoyed by watching not related ads or generic promos. So, in 2020 make the personal connect. The tools are personalized emails, products, contents or even the user Interface(UI) featurea of digital presences i.e. your web page.

Influencer Marketing

The Influencer marketing channel is to become even stronger in 2020 and a considerable portion of marketing budget will be consumed by influencers (in fact it is $10 billion that will be the ad-spend. Source: MediaKix). Good days for influencers indeed, as the shift of brand from big celebrities to medium and micro influences is quite evident. The reason of high growth and popularity of influencers marketing is due to its efficacy (yes, 2 out of 3 of your consumers trust an influencer).

Influencer marketing is very much same as word-of-mouth publicity. However there is lot of empirical development aided this channel to be a powerful one. For example, tech advancements in finding relevant influencers for the brand, identifying influencer lesser fake followers and higher engagements on their handles. 

Programmatic Media Buying or Advertising will be a major channel of marketing 

In our previous blog we mentioned about how programmatic advertising or media buying works (also read: what programmatic marketing can do for your brand). The media buying is automated using the technologies of AI and data sciences. It is faster, transparent and effective over the traditional way of advertising. The real time bidding makes it even more irresistible for the brands to opt programmatic way of media buying! The eMarketer says that about 87% of total display ads will be powered by programmatic advertising by 2020.

Micro Moments

This is way too common and going to be spreading to larger audiences as more and more people get onto smartphones. Micro-moments are intent-rich moments for a user. In such moments a person turn to his/her device to gratify the need; need to learn something, need to watch something, need to find something, need to do something or need to buy something. The current trends shows the people are normally making instant decision to do, buy, know something. And this is on rise! The brands just need to there where these mirco-moments occur and the consumers are yours. Google puts it very emphatically, “be there, be useful, be quick”.

The 2020 would surprise traditional marketers who go by rule book of Awareness-Consideration-Decision theory. It’s of instant gratification era; the customer journey is becoming truly dynamic and mostly unpredictable with behavior characterized by higher expectations and lesser patience. To make use of micro-moment brands needs to be smarter to identify ‘need to buy something’ moments and be available along with delivering content that act as catalyst to the decision-making and making the whole process so smooth and easy for the user to checkout.

Push Notification

Implementation of data privacy protection tools (GDPR- General Data Protection Regulations) and enormous growth and popularity of e-commerce or online stores making push notifications an important trend of 2020 digital universe. The data shows that almost every online store uses push notifications (around 90% of them). In coming days, the users are engaged more through push notifications. The latest technology is even powering personalized push notifications.

The available data and information about the audience helping the brands to send segmented push notifications and it is twice effective in terms of responses (the open rate of push messages is twice compared to that of bulk messages).

Interactive contents

Content marketing and interaction is changing and in 2020 the trends are towards more of interactive contents like quizzers, polls, interactive ads, augmented reality videos and 360-degree videos.

The interactive contents are proving to be more beneficial for the brands as consumers are associating with brands stronger and feeling more satisfied. So, interactive contents are on its way to create a high intensity impact in 2020.

Shoppable Post & Social Media

The amazing growth journey of E-commerce and Social Media is creating a new avenues of point of sale(POS) i.e. the viable case of shoppable social media posts. This is slated for a rapid growth. The Instagram check-out is here for big game changing trend as it has now the option to purchase within Instagram itself mitigating the risk that customer feels while switching the apps.

Interactive Video Content

The 2020 digital trends also has a good development in shopping while watching a video content like movie of video. There are companies that are entering into this space with features of buying what the actor is wearing or possessing the movie. This is like instant gratification again as it was mentioned in Micro-moments. The users is instantly aided with option act upon the need to have that. The business are seeing it as new channel of sales with great increase in consumption of video contents through smartphones. The growth and popularity of OTTs is also a factor pushing Interactive video content.

2020 will see a growth in visual search, voice search & smart speakers, innovative and social & human cause related User Generated Content, Big Data Insights, Google ads smart bidding, exploratory long format contents etc. Getting on the ride propelled with digital marketing trends of 2020 and making the best use of them will take your branding and revenue northward. So we suggest that to be ahead of race just be responsive to these trends if applies to your business and reap the benefits in 2020 and beyond. Best wishes from team BlendAi Digital! </p align=”JUSTIFY”>

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