Decoding Growth Hack Tactics for Apps!

Cost per install is growing constantly and app developers are optimizing every chance to get creative with their marketing efforts.

Starting from design, development, App store optimization and creative ways to reach target audience, app publishers are not leaving any stone unturned. In this era of healthy competition, we have come up with few strategies to increase the growth of your app.

So, get started and create sustainable and profitable growth strategy.


Localization is one of the proved strategy to increase your downloads without paid marketing. An App Store contains 28 regions, each country having its own App Store. If your app is not just designed for the local region, it’s a brilliant step to translate your app into other languages. You never know which part of the world might find your app interesting and useful.

First step to start this is by translating your app name along with the keyword field. Once you notice an elevation in the downloads for a certain language, then translate your app descriptions and your in-app content.

Out there are websites like Gengo and OneHourTranslation to help you with your translation needs.


Video Ads

We can’t deny that video engagement is one of the most powerful tools as videos are taking over the web.  The data of mobile video consumption increases every year by 100%.

A creative video ad shared throughout the social media or displayed in-app can deliver unimaginable results.

Another data says that an enjoyable video elevates the download and purchase intent by 97% with brand association by 139%.

So keep your video short by putting your best work in first 10 second. Remember that most videos are watched without sound so make sure to use bold texts, subtitles and a visual story telling.


The exclusive strategy for public relations

Use an exclusive strategy, secure coverage on big pages.

So, here’s how it goes, you reach out to the big publications about your app announcement, product release date, funding, etc. These big publications love publishing your exclusive content as they will be the first to write about your announcement, leading other big publications lining back to them as a source.

This strategy is always a win-win strategy to get traffic and backlinks— and you get your coverage.

To be successful with public relation strategy, you need to start early. Pitch your ideas at least two weeks before your launch day, pitch your exclusive idea to one publisher and follow back once, if you don’t receive a response then move on to the next big publisher.


Start the blog

A priceless content generation outlet attracts users and gets them into a loyal brand evangelist.

A blog is an interesting way to enhance your internal and external SEO. A well written blog with help your customers explain about the product and the insights about the industry. It also shows your team values and culture. A viral blog can reach audiences and attract them to download your app from different parts of the world.

Blogging increases engagement of the customers and helps attract new audiences. A new feature or a new update on the app can also be announced via an interesting blog and good content.

Performance Marketing Campaigns

Good use of Performance Marketing agencies using Programmatic media buying (an automated way of purchasing online ad placements on traffic sources that makes use of technology that leverages data and algorithms to plan, buy, and optimize ads so they are served to the right audience at the right time) will add quality users to apps.

Among the various modes of performance marketing, CPI,

CPR or CPA are the most efficient ones for app marketers as the payout happens only after KPS are met. They allow marketers to measure actual ROI, return of investment, for a budget they allocate to advertise their apps. With a proper ad campaigns data analysis, app installs ads allow app marketers to acquire high quality users and expand their app’s user base.

BlendAi Digital is one of best companies to reach out to for performance marketing campaigns.

Play with the KPIs

Hack the system and find the ways to the exponential growth while playing with the KPIs.

  1. The only way to have the exponential growth in revenues from mobile apps is to create a viral system, i.e. to attract new users.
  2. You can only reach a high number of MAUs by bringing the product to other markets, countries and languages.
  3. The focus on retention will increase your revenue by 20%.
  4. The second platform (iOS and Android) will double your revenue, the third one will triple them, provided you are able to maintain the equivalent number of MAUs for each platform.



Apart from these strategies, what becomes more important is what you’re focusing on, while developing your application. Create a product development roadmap to understand in depth which feature to be included into the MVP and which feature to be added to the subsequent releases. The roadmap will help you get feature requests for your design, architecture, testing and development. Let this also be an objective basis for your dialogue with the investor or client.



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