AI – powered Tools that Makes Your Life Easier as a Marketer!

AI- powered tools are undoubtedly a game changer in today’s digital marketing world. A time saver, with the right accuracy, great insights and no human mistakes, AI tools have it all. Artificial intelligence has been used in every marketing strategy and if you’re not using it, then you’re more likely to fall behind your competitors.

User acquisition experts at BlendAi have listed a few AI tools (unpaid & paid). These tools can help you reach extraordinary heights in your business growth.



Personalized chats are one of the key essentials to increase your sales. An AI-powered sales assistance, improves your email communication and personalized texts. This amazing platform makes a human-like conversation to its potential customers and prospects before they are sent to a human sales representative. helps with setting meetings, qualifying inbound prospects, being with the prospects through a customer journey and letting sales team only spend time only with those who are likely to convert.

Google AutoDraw

We’ve seen marketers spending ample amount of time looking for the right stock image or vector graphic. With Google AutoDraw you can do your best doodle and allow AI to discover the right vector graphics that match very closely to your doodle.

Here is an example of a doodle and Google AutoDraw finding the vectors to match the doodle.


Social media listening and using them to improve your brand is the oldest trick. NetBase amplifies this process with deep learning and machine learning. NetBase’s high powered technology analyzes millions of conversation on the social media to give away right updates about your brand’s reputation. This way, marketers can use these essential improve the brand health.

Here is an example of customized dashboards for social media marketers that have an access to the analytics.


Pattern89 is another interesting tool for digital ads. This AI tool enables you to optimize campaigns, creative elements, colors or emojis. Over nearly 3000 different creative, Pattern89 finds the combination that drives highest ROI. This tool is certainly a game-changer, specially for companies invested in Facebook, Google, Instagram.

Below is an example where Pattern89 goes beyond ads performance, giving an actionable insight on ads placement, format and image attribution.


Node is a powerful AI tool that uses data from individuals and lets you make smarter decision when it comes to employees, investors, partners and clients.  Using connections between web entities such as products, businesses, people then enables its algorithm to identify the people most likely to convert or buy. These derived insights can be used for marketing automation, job applicant tracking, event management and much more..

Node comes with AIR (AI-powered Retention for Customers). While the focus of many marketers is on acquisition, retention is just as  important for long term success.




The biggest mistake a marketer does is simply making assumptions by using just limited data and making an analyses. This makes finding pain point of target audience tougher and not reliable. Chorus makes this entire process easier by collecting and sorting qualitative data. The software uses organization’s CRM tool and analyzes. It crafts ad copies and creates new audience persona with dataset of actionable insights.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a creative took to perfect your graphic skills. Either it’s videos, creative or web pages, Adobe Spark’s help can make the process simpler with an excellent design fit for social media and compatible for mobile apps.


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