A Complete Cycle of App Store Optimization!

App Store Optimization (ASO in short) is all about increasing visibility in the app stores by getting your app to rank high in the search results. This way, more people are able to find your app and download it.

A complete App Store Optimization cycle contains many blocks. These important blocks help an ASO specialists to overcome their challenges.

Your eventual target is to increase downloads of your app, and this mainly happens through App Store Optimization which a continuous process. App Store Optimization has no stop, in order to get an excellent result, you need work on it regularly with huge amount of iteration. Analysis and measurement of performance with each iteration, compilation of semantic core through a professional tool and lastly analyses of competitor’s strategies when it comes to App Store Optimization.

Managing App Store Optimization for over the years, User Acquisitions experts at BlendAI Digital is giving away few essential points!

Semantic Core Creation!

Creating semantic core might seem like a time consuming process but when you’re done with it, you’ll know that it’s totally worth it. The most important thing while working with core compilation is too keep in mind all the crucial keywords and not lose them. List out all the keywords totally relevant to your business and provide traffic. You can also use professional tools for semantic core creation like ‘automatic tooltip module’ and ‘missing ranked keywords’.

Semantic Core Creation for Other Languages!

The growth of your app can accelerate when you have the potential to enter new market. In this case you’ll be required to have your app available in local languages. Now this can seem like a complicated situation while creating semantic core but there’s always professional tools available to help you with these. Tools come with an option to translate from the language that you already know and collect a semantic core in an unfamiliar language to you.


Metadata Preparation

Once the creation of semantic core is done, the next step is to prepare a metadata. An ASO specialist in this case would use a tool to assemble the semantic core. This leads to reduction of time when it comes to preparing metadata. User Acquisitions experts at BlendAI Digital would prefer you to use tools with an automatic character counting.


ASO Performance Measurements. 

To understand and build a solid future ongoing strategy, one needs to properly set process for performance measurements. One of the essential tasks is to measure the iteration performance.

Don’t be a rookie when it comes to ASO measurements, not considering all possible metrics can result in a wrong ASO strategy.

Keep in mind the two types of metrics for performance measuring. For example Keyword ranking distribution of the number of keywords by position, enable you to assess your application visibility, which is an external metrics. There’s then semantic chart, which access you to assess your semantic core quality. Evaluate your application’s internal matrices by ASO Dashboard, evaluate impressions, page views, App Store Search, App Store Browse, App Units for various Source Type at a professional level.

Keywords Management and Monitoring of Keywords

Keyword management is one of the most essential keys. A good management of keywords helps with iteration, measurement of performance and daily monitoring of position on keywords. User Acquisitions experts at BlendAI Digital would suggest its readers to use professional keywords tools with an option to divide into query groups, text notes, translation options and advanced filters. It’ll also simplify the daily routine work of App Store specialist. Professional tools are also recommended to display the general picture of important keywords and regular notifications via email.

Analysis of competitors’ ASO strategies 

App Store Optimization includes a high volume of various tasks performed on a regular basis. ASO tools are meant to reduce your time consumption and spend it efficiently , perform detailed analytics of your and your competitors’ applications, and stay up to date on the latest changes according to the regular reports.


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