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Blenai Digital’s endeavor is to utilize the latest technology in marketing platforms to deliver the best results to the clients. We blend technologies in AI,Programmatic and Marketing Cloud to customize the campaigns as per Client’s requirements and deliver the best results at an optimal cost. We have offices in Singapore and India with a team which comprises of professionals from Times Internet, Yahoo!, Nokia,BubbleMotion, Sony Entertainment Television,U2opia Mobile, OnMobile, and Adobe.

We expertise in Performance Advertisement via Affiliate Networks, Brand and Performance via Programmatic Platform, Lead Generation through Omni Channel Marketing Cloud Tools, Deep insights to optimize Google and FB Marketing Platforms etc.

Our Mission

Creating a ecosystem in which the respect for the individual is supreme; a motivated team sincere to meet the goal of customers with the mantra of Happy Employees-Happy Customers; following the highest standards of integrity and honesty and bringing the best creativity and innovative ideas to succeed!

Executive Team

Siddharth Mahajan

Siddharth Mahajan
MD & Co-founder

Sid is a start up specialist with 20 years experience. He has successfully worked for European, US and Chinese start ups in media and telcos – helping them grow globally. He started his career in Nokia and then moved on to Openwave – inventor of mobile internet. He loves going to the gym, travelling surfing trekking and visiting african safaris.

Fayyaz Hussain Image

Fayyaz Hussain
CEO & Co-founder

Fayyaz has been with sunrise industries of Telecom, Internet and Media for last 17 years in various roles of Sales, Product Marketing, Content acquisition and Strategic Alliances. He prides myself on being a “Start-up” expert and thrive on the challenge of creating and marketing new products on Mobile and Internet. He has been part of success start-up stories of BubbleMotion, &, which were made possible by imbibing knowledge on “What works” by virtue of working with world class organizations. His rallying cry is –“Deliver numbers on time, every time.” He loves cycling, travelling. He is a foodie too!


Chirag Rastogi

Chirag has 8 years experience. He is dealt with top class companies with an impeccable record. A great asset to the company. He is an avid chess player.

Delivering Success Everytime!

Ensuring success in every marketing campaign would not be a reality without the synergies of our valuable partners!

The performance marketing experts at BlendAi Digital are very much our extended marketing team! Great Job done!

Kubot-Investment Management
Prashant Puruwar
Sales & Marketing, SmartMoney Co.

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